Tuesday, May 25

Day 13

Full moon above the palm trees

Swaying in my floaty white dress

Stevie Nicks on the speaker

Flowing and tiptoeing through the grass

Waves crashing behind

It’s divine.

Stars twinkle

And the moon illuminates the whole sky

Bountiful, he says.

It’s true, I say.

Coming up slowly,

Yet too far away

Like the moon rising

Hoping I’ll stay.

Glimmer in the distance

Tell me more

About how I will rise

Deep down in my core.

I can’t really leave

Something is grounding me

I surrender to it now

And let it guide me.

I am swan diving into the expanse.

Beam me up, Scotty, I’m down to ride

Scoop me, swirl me, spin me round.

Lift me up high and lay me gently down.